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QSD advances in western side of Euphrates River

KOBANΠ– Forces of Democratic Syria (QSD) have crossed over to the western side of the Tishrin Dam they have liberated yesterday.

QSD fighters who are continuing the operation in southern Kobanî have reached Tishrin Dam yesterday morning. After encircling the dam and its surroundings, QSD fighters took control of the dam following clashes with ISIS gangs in this area and entirely liberated from ISIS occupation Saturday afternoon.

As the offensive in the area continues, QSD combatants have reached the western bank of the dam where mop-up operations are going on at the moment.

The area of Tishrin, which is affiliated to the Munbic town of Aleppo, is located 115 km to Aleppo; 80 km to border with northern Kurdistan; and 70 km southwest of Kobanî.