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Raising funds campaign for IS in Saudi Arabia

NEWS DESK– the Iraqi Foreign Ministry is awaiting an explanation on Saudi Arabia’s side about campaigns launched within the Kingdom to raise funds for IS mercenaries.

The official spokesperson in the Ministry Ahmad Jamal said in a statement yesterday” we are waiting for an explanation of Saudi Arabia government after its Interior Minister mentioned campaigns to support the terrorist IS organization within the Kingdom”.

Jamal added that this an outrageous violation of the ad-hoc resolutions of the Security Council, and the principles of good neighborliness, and assured that serious efforts to eliminate these terrorist organizations lie in wiping out its sources of funding and its intellectual incubators.

Jamal expressed their utter refusal of the spokesperson of the Saudi Arabia Interior Ministry implications about People Crowd, noting that it is an official body under the command of the armed forces and receives its funds from the state’s budget according to parliament’s resolution.

the spokesperson of the Saudi Arabia Interior Ministry Mansour Turki declared that People Crowd’s participation in the battle to free Fallujah opened the door to raising funds for the mercenaries within the Kingdom