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RAJIN congratulates women journalists in their second anniversary    


Efrîn– the union of free women media in Efrîn Canton congratulated all women journalists in the second anniversary of the foundation of the union of the free women media.

On this occasion, women journalists in Efrîn Canton issued a statement to the public opinion.

Journalists of different types of media gathered before Hawar News Agency center in Efrîn Canton to read the statement, including Hawar News Agency(ANHA), News Agency of Women(JINHA), Ronahî Newspaper, Ronahî channel, Avrîn radio channel.
Darav Ala, Ronahi TV journalist read the statement in Kurdish, and pointed that the object of founding the union of free women media is unveiling truth and the characteristics of the natural society based on moral principles within the society itself.

Ala said that the essential steps that women in Rojava have taken is founding free women media, which is the first of its kind to prove women’s identity in the media and their work scheme in all respects (social, economic, political, and religion”. Noting that Kurdish women over the past years were able to show a side of women’s extinct inheritance thousands years ago.

Ala continued talking about the union’s achievements from its outset and said ”women were able to free themselves of the authoritative media, and showed the perspective and philosophy of the free woman, and worked on this basis by training the society on high values.

Ala congratulated all of journalists and correspondents especially women in the second anniversary of founding free women media in Rojava, and promised all women to develop their work, escalate resistance, and set the philosophies and ideologies of women freedom through the society.

Ala concluded the statement calling on women in Rojava to be the basis of free women media in the world, and finished by saluting women resistance.