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Raman: Al-Tabqa is about to be liberated

AL-RAQQA- The commander of Wrath of Euphrates campaign Tolhidan Raman preached all the people of al-Tabqa that the city is about to be liberated, and Tohildan said “be reassured, the time of the city liberation approached”.

The Martyr Brigade Dêrsim is one of the priority that is participating in the campaign of Wrath of Euphrates for liberating al-Tabqa city. The commander of the Martyr Brigade Dêrsim Tohlidan Raman talked about the progress of al-Tabqa city liberation campaign and said “we say to all women and all the people of al-Tabqa that the time of your liberation from IS mercenaries’ oppression has approached”.

The commander Tohlidan Raman assured that the mercenaries of IS are encircled now in al-Tabqa city and said “the city is encircled by the Democratic Syrian Forces from all the sides. Now, the fighters became only 1 km near the city from all its sides. YPJ leads the forefront this campaign and our aim is to culminate this campaign by victory”.

Tohlidan noted that the fighters of YPJ feel happy as they are contributing in liberating women from IS clutches. ” Our great happiness lies in liberating women from the mercenaries of IS. Women turn to our forces happily and find security and survival, and this give us high morale”.

The commander Tohlidan Raman concluded and preached all women and al-Tabqa people that the time of al-Tabqa city liberation became near. Be reassured, it is high time al-Tabqa women are liberated from IS mercenaries’ oppression.