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“Ready to do the impossible to reach freedom of Ocelan” women assert



AFRIN- A number of women who took part in the sit-in and hunger strike in Maydana district in Rajo area said that they will continue their activities until they know the health situation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan and expressed their willingness to do anything to reach the freedom of Ocelan.EMIYNA

On the sidelines of the sit-in and hunger strike organized by the Kongra Star in Maydana district in Rajo area of Afrin canton, the Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed some of the women participating in the sit-in tent.

In this context, mother Amina Ibo, said “For our leader, we are ready to sacrifice ourselves, and we will not surrender until our leader is freed from Imrali prison. We will resist and go out into the squares until we see our leader among us,”QDRIYA

Amira added “Erdogan has to realize that if he can capture our leader in prison, he will not distance him from us because he is in our hearts, our minds and all the details of our lives, because he has become part of us and we will do the impossible to liberate him as he dedicated himself to free the people in general and women in particular

In turn, said Amina Sheikh Mustafa “We will do everything we can to do for our leader and we will continue to demand the freedom of our leader Ocelan.


“The philosophy of Leader Ocelan, who took the woman out of the shell of the house to be a fighter defending the cause of women, requires us today to be as much of the trust and responsibility that the leader gave us, so our sit-in today through hunger strike is a small part of our activities that prove that we are with our leader to the end, and ready to do the impossible to reach his freedom.”

It is noteworthy that dozens of women from Maydana district in Rajo area began a sit-in and hunger strike on Sunday condemning the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan and to demand the disclosure of his health.