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Redur Khalil: arming our units, though late, a sound decision

NEWS DESK- The official spokesperson of People Protection Units appreciated the White House decision on arming People Protection Units describing it as” a sound decision though late” and based on this, their units will be able to coordinate with the global coalition to achieve positive results.

Commenting on the White House’s decision to arm People Protection Units, Redur Khalil the official spokesperson of YPG spoke to ANHA.

The YPG spokesperson said” though coming a bit late, the White House’s decision to arm YPG is sound and expresses the trust which attitudes and battles against terrorism have created, including the four-year obscurantist Daesh terrorism, as our forces have achieved remarkable victories on all fronts; whether in the first stages where we depended on our own possibilities and power, or after cooperation and coordination was initiated since 3 years ago with the global coalition”.

Redur Khalil pointed out that all the world and the US-led global coalition have seen that YPG is leading the fight against terrorism, and not depriving them from arms supply for a long time was such an injustice.

Khalil went on” this sound decision in arming our units exposes the fake pretexts and claims that have been spread about our forces and units; majorly aiming at distorting its image and undermining its significant role in fighting terrorism”.

Khalil went on” having taken this historic decision of arming YPG, from now on, our units will be undertaking a more effective, decisive, and high-paced role in fighting terrorism”. Redur also said that implementing this decision would give more momentum to the democratic powers fighting terrorism, and positive, quick results are expected in return.

Redur Khalil the official spokesperson said that” our forces appreciate this historic decision, and declare that they in coordination with the global coalition will be able to defeat all obscurantist powers to build a free Syria without excluding anybody”.