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Refugees dying of cold: single local org providing aid to al-Tuwihna camp

AL-TABQA– Refugees in al-Tuwihna camp north-west of al-Tabqa city are complaining from the cold saying” cold is killing us” at a time when the relief and development organization is struggling to help the displaced, there are many international organizations but most of them does not move till now, the refugees in al-Tabqa city, more than 1,800 who fled from the areas were dominated by regime and IS gangs holding nothing in hand but the clothes they wear.TEBQA-ROSA-KOCBRA-JE-BO-ZVISTANI (9)

The Tuwihina camp is located north-west of al-Tabqa city on the shore of al-Tabqa lake (formerly Lake al-Assad). The displaced bear the harsh winter cold, with no heaters or walls to protect them under their tents during the winter nights, which do not relieve anyone without assistance.

Refugees are daily increasing in the camp who have been fled from IS gangs and regime brutal practice, 1,891 families are residing now or 8,939 persons most of the refugees are looking for shelter from the cold mostly from Hama, Homs and their countryside dominated by the regime of eastern Aleppo.

While the relief and development organization provides food aid to the displaced and other assistance within its means, dozens of international organizations working in al-Tabqa play a spectator role that may turn into a tragedy at any moment, especially as the cold weather in the winter begins to loom, the role of these organizations, which overlook the camp of the suffering of its inhabitants.TEBQA-ROSA-KOCBRA-JE-BO-ZVISTANI (8)

“We are at the gates of winter and our location on the lake shore, our children need a shelter that protects them from the cold,” said one of the displaced women.

The suffering is compounded by the fact that the camp is home to 86 people with special needs, including paraplegics and quadriplegia, as well as a whole family of the visually impaired resides the camp.

Only last November, the camp have received about 153 families who are coming from al-Mayaden and al-BuKamal, according to the camp administration.

Displaced people lack the most basic elements of life without blankets and heaters.TEBQA-ROSA-KOCBRA-JE-BO-ZVISTANI (4)

“Our children are being killed by the cold,” says another displaced person.

One of the residents of the camp, from Dibsi Afnan, is also of the regime’s forces dominated areas said “The camp needs an ambulance and a night pharmacy, where some of the patients are in trouble at night, and winter is entering the camp and the ground is muddy and we have no heaters and no clothes, the children have been displaced,”

The number of children have reached 3,500 children and women 2,200 women.

On the other hand, one of the children demanded the right to heat and clothes where he does not have money to buy clothes that protect him from the cold and said “cold kills us”