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Refugees’ number increasing, organizations reluctant



DEIR EZ-ZOR– The number of displaced persons in the housing center and Deir ez-Zor camp in Abu al-Khashab area reached more than 15,000 displaced persons fleeing the conflict zones amid a shortage of tents, and the displaced appeal for the organizations the provide them with assistances.

Displacement continues in the areas of conflict between the mercenaries and the regime. More than 400 families from the town of Bu Kamal and the neighboring villages arrived Deir ez-Zor camp in Abu al-Khashab area in the past two days.SER ZOR-REWSAEA KOJBEREA (3)

Due to the absence of shelter and lack of tents and the limit potentials of the camp’s administration, many families who came to the camp resort to stay in the wilderness facing a tragic situation and difficult living conditions without providing them with food, drink and assistance.

According to the administration of the camp and Deir ez-Zor Civil Council, the displaced number exceeded 15 thousand displaced people who are now in the camp and the shelters in Jazrah , al-Buhamid and al-Kasrat.

The number of displaced persons is increasing with the majority of children and the elderly in the camp. However, there is a lack of humanitarian, relief and health organizations in providing assistance to the displaced, in addition to the need of displaced people; blankets to avoid coldness, food and drink under extreme cold conditions.MIHEMID

Mohammed al-Salman from Bu Kamal appealed in Arabic and English to the organizations to provide them with food and blankets, and demanded to increase the number of tents due to the big number of the refugees in the camp who are still remaining in the wilderness.

One of the displaced from the eastern villages of Deir ez-Zor said “the cold and the rain have befallen on us. We cannot do anything to protect our children and our families. Our suffering is great, and if no assistances would be given to us, our suffering would be greatly aggravated.”