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refugees: Water leaks into our tents, we are afraid to fall over our heads


AFRIN – Thousands of displaced people living in Robar and al-Shahba camps in Afrin region are suffering from tragic conditions, especially as the winter is approaching. “Water is leaking into our tents and we are afraid that tents would fall over our heads.” Calling on humanitarian organizations to help them.EFRIN-SERAWA-KOMPA-ROBAR-BAWSTE-XWE-TASTIN-JEVISTANE (2)

Displaced people fleeing the oppression of mercenary gangs and the bombing of the Turkish occupation from al-Shahba areas to the Robar and al-Shahba camps in the Afrin region for three years have been experiencing harsh conditions in the winter, in light of the limited possibilities.

The camp houses thousands of displaced people who are afraid of the winter, in the absence of resources and elements that keep them away from the cold winter, such as firewood, fireplaces and clothing.

This is happening in light of humanitarian organizations failure to carry out their humanitarian duty towards them.

The limited possibilities of Democratic Autonomous Administration in Afrin canton, which has been besieged for years by the Syrian regime, mercenary gangs and the Turkish occupation army, are preventing the needs of all displaced persons from being met.

While Autonomous Administration provides free medicines for displaced people, some drugs are not available in the region.EFRIN-SERAWA-KOMPA-ROBAR-BAWSTE-XWE-TASTIN-JEVISTANE (4)

“We are suffering in the camp, where we do not have winter supplies, while the winter is knocking at our doors in the cold weather in the region, our children are suffering a lot from the cold,” said Aisha Muhammed, a 60-year-old displaced woman. Adding that they have not received any assistance from humanitarian organizations so far.

One of the children said that he was a student attending the camp school, but he did not have stationery and winter clothes. He pointed out that the school lacked heaters.

As for the displaced woman from the Handrat area of Western Aleppo, Hanaa Jumma pointed out that “The winter is very cold here, and my children are suffering a lot because of our inability to provide all the necessities and high prices,” she said. “Our tents are worn and old and the water is leaking into it. We are afraid that tents will fall on our heads. “

The displaced appealed to humanitarian and relief organizations not to turn a blind eye to their tragic situation and to hasten their assistance before winter.

In turn, the director of the Robar camp, Zaki Ibash, said that the siege imposed on Afrin prevents them from providing assistance to the displaced in light of their limited possibilities, calling in turn the organizations that claim humanitarian support for the displaced.