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Removing rubble in al-Tabqa, a beginning of construction


AL-TABQA -The workshops of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in al-Tabqa area are continuing work in the rubble removal of ” al-Tabqa Shrine Martyrs” to complete removals elsewhere in the city once the work is completed in the shrine.TEBQA-BERDEWAMIYA-BAQISKIRNA-BAJAR (5)

The workshops began last week to remove the remnants from previous military operations to pave the way for the implementation of the reconstruction projects of the Executive Council with self-help.

The first step involved the removal of the rubble surrounding the “Martyrs Shrine “at the western entrance to the city.

“The workshops started the process of dismantling the buildings’ debris, which was destroyed by a Russian raid last summer and will result in the removing of remnants of damaged steel, in addition to dust and gravel,” said the supervisor of the workshops, Nasser al-Assaf.

Six diggers, six trucks, two bulldozers are participating in the process, with the participation of 110 workers from various disciplines.

If the move is successful, a memorial building with a mosque is planned.

It is worth noting that this project will extend this week to include removing the rubble of the post office and the second neighborhood baker and some of the destroyed buildings in the strategy of self-reconstruction.