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Removing rubble processes in al-Tabqa are  about be to finished

 AL-TABQA– The rubble removing, which began about a month ago in three places, is near to be completed.

About a month ago, Al -Raqqa Organization for Relief and Development began rubble removal operations in a number of places inside al-Tabqa.

It is expected to be completely completed in the destroying post office building, in conjunction with its close proximity to Martyrs’ Shrine as well.TEBQA-PAQIJBUNA-BAJAR (4)

In the same context, the removal of rubble from one of the destroyed buildings in the second neighborhood near the firefighters center of al-Tabqa in the neighborhoods area, in preparation for the establishment of a modern bakery and mall .

The rest of these destroyed buildings have been removed and all that is useful from them has been removed, to take advantage of it again in the reconstruction of the city.

In a related context, the iron extracted from these destroyed buildings was assembled to be sent to the iron smelting plant to be reconstituted.