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Renovating al-Tabqa schools almost completed


 AL-TABQA – The Education Committee of the al-Tabqa Civil Council in preparation for the academic year 2017/2018, which will be the first after about 6 years of continuous absence of education in al-Tabqa.

Schools have, since the beginning of 2012 when IS mercenaries began occupation of al–Tabqa, been turned into military barracks for these groups until the city was liberated on May 10 by the Syrian Democratic Forces.TBQA-PRQSESA NUKIRINA DIBSTANA (8)

During the period between 2012 and the liberation of the city, tens of thousands of students were deprived of the right to learn, thus ignorance spread in their ranks. However, since its establishment on May 15 the al-Tabqa Civil Council has sought to remedy the situation and save children from this situation. And education was looked at as a priority.

Al-Tabqa Civil Council has given the task of launching the educational process to the Education Committee which, in coordination with volunteer teachers, initiated rehabilitation courses for students, the main objective of which is to return students to an educational environment after a long absence.

The process of rehabilitation of students with the rehabilitation of schools and the registration of teachers whose number reached more than 700 teachers of all specialties and qualifications so far.

In this context, work is under way in full swing by the Education Committee to receive the new school year in mid-September, including the maintenance of five schools currently as an initial step in order to launch the educational process as soon as possible in order to rescue children from the widespread ignorance between their ranks.ABDIL BESEAT

Not only that, the Education Committee is planning to rehabilitate 13 additional schools to accommodate a larger number of pupils, as well as the school restoration project on the Silk Road (Al-Tabqa, Al-Safsafa and Mansoura) at the foreseeable level.

On the maintenance work, the director of the paint workshop at the Sanuberi School Abdul Basit Al-Ali said, “Work began on the rehabilitation project of the five schools since about 20 of last August, and these schools Sanuberi School.”

In addition to the paint operations, there are workshops of electricians, metalworkers, blacksmiths, carpenters, floorer and cleaners.

According to Al-Ali, maintenance work at the Al-Sunuberi School was completed by the workshops, except for the paint and glass repair workshops, which will be completed within days.