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Reports of Turkish arms sent to IS

NEWS DESK– reports stated 6 ships loaded with arms are sailing to Libya to be handed over to IS mercenaries.

French Media pointed out that European Security Apparatus launched a large-scale operation in the Mediterranean to look for the arm-loaded ships sent to IS mercenaries.

Some reports mentioned that the ships sailed from a Turkish port and disconnected the navigation system in order not to be discovered by satellites, the ships are estimated to be over 6.

In a different concern, Russian Spontenk agency reported of “le Figaro” that a source of a security apparatus in the Middle East said that it is reported that about 6 ships loaded with arms with absorptive capacity of 10 thousand tons is heading to Libya.

The newspaper pointed out that the ships are loaded with light weapons, while the European Intelligence intends to interrupt the ships’ way in the Mediterranean before reaching the Libyan port.

The paper noted that it is impossible for the ships to cross Sues Canal or Strait of Gibraltar since it will be doubtlessly discovered so it must be in the Mediterranean now.