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Resistance of age fail February 15 plot



AFRIN- “Ocelan is fighting the mentality of the Turkish state in Imrali prison and we are resisting his attacks in Afrin. Our resistance is failing the international conspiracy against Ocelan,” said a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria Ramzi Shekhmous resembling Resistance of the age to Ocelan’s resistance.

ANHA met with politician and member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria Ramzi Shekhmous.

Ramzi said at the beginning of his speech that the age of the Syrian crisis has reached more than 7 years, and this crisis came with the outbreak of plans and plot behind the scenes by some hostile parties, headed by the Turkish state, aspiring to achieve their personal interests in the Syrian territories.

He pointed out that the only force that was not affected by the occupation plans and fought these terrorist groups were the people of Rojava and North Syria, and that the objectives of the Turkish occupation clarified their plans in the battles of steadfastness Castle Kobani. It united the terrorist groups in IS mercenaries and attacked the area

Ramzi pointed out that the peoples of North Syria have reached the full conviction that the Syrian crisis will not reach solutions by using weapons and must be connected under one roof to a peaceful political solution, they chose the democratic nation project proposed by the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan.

Ramzi referred to the hatred of the Turkish state and the anti-peace countries in the democratic project and from the democratic and fedralism autonomous administration. They are aware that the project will be the end of colonial thought. Turkey has lost control of itself and under unconvincing labels declared war and in front of the world public opinion directly on the peoples of Afrin region. .

“Ocelan created a beginning for the Kurdish people, but his deep and democratic ideology made him the leader of all the peoples of the world and the oppressed, and he received great support and attention from the world’s intellectuals and politicians,” said Ramzi, leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocelan.

He continued his reference to the international conspiracy against the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan planning of the world countries, which intended to exterminate the Kurdish people and buried the democratic thought of Ocelan.

“The peoples of Afrin have fed and lived a common life thanks to the thought and philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan. Therefore, the resistance of Afrin, who considered Resistance of the age steadfast and struggling under the idea that the resistance is life.

“The resistance of the people of Afrin and the fighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units on the fronts of the fighting against barbaric brutality of the Turkish occupation today fail the schemes and conspiracies of the black day that have beenfall the peoples who believe in peace and democracy,” concluded Ramzi Shekhmous, a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria.