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Resuming the campaign, SDF fighters are 6 km from al-Raqqa

AL-RAQQA- Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated Peasants Union and a prison from Daesh gangs, thus fighters are only 6 km north of al-Raqqa city, in addition, 4 hamlets have been liberated too west of the city.

The 4th stage of Wrath of Euphrates which aims at liberating the countryside of the city in preparation for taking the city is advancing; Peasants Union and a headquarter used by the Baathist regime as a prison were liberated north of al-Raqqa on Friday.

During the clashes, fighters managed to clear the Peasants Union and the prison from Daesh gangs, having liberated them, the fighters are only 6 km from al-Raqqa.

In a different concern, the SDF fighters have progressed 5 km on the western side liberating 4 hamlets after fierce clashes with Daesh mercenaries.

During the past 4 days, having resumed the campaign, fighters could liberate an area of 185 km2 including 6 villages and 7 hamlets.