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” Revolt” continuing, Arab Youth Movement distributes leaflets

AL-SHAHBA-The Young Arab Democratic Movement and the Young Women’s Union distributed leaflets under the slogan “Freedom of the Leader Apo is ours, the presence of the leader Apo of ours” in the context of the “Revolt” campaign demanding the disclosure of the health situation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.SHBEA-PLEVOK BLAEV DIKEN JI BO SEROK (2)

Among the activities of “Revolt” campaign which is announced by the Youth League of Rojava, to reveal the health status of Ocalan, the Arab Democratic Youth Movement and the Young Women’s Union distributed leaflets to the people including. “We as youth, do not accept life without the leader Abo, who want to teach us living without the leader, they will see our fury, and we will continue to say that there is no life without the leader Apo because he is the one who teaches us the truth by saying “Truth is love and love is a free life.”SHBEA-PLEVOK BLAEV DIKEN JI BO SEROK (6)

The youth also placed posters are written on the walls “Youth Revolt” Youth are the leader’s commandos, and “al-Shahba Hawks”.

It is planned that the movement will continue to distribute publications for 3 days.