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“Revolt for Leader Ocalan’s freedom”, motto of Rojava Youth mass demo

AL-HASAKAH-Under the motto “Revolt for the Freedom of the Leader Ocalan”, the Rojava Youth Union organized a demonstration for 6 days in a row, in support of the campaign “Revolt” for the leader Ocalan, from al-Sabbagh roundabout to reach Qamishlo city.

The mass demonstration has launched from al-Sabbagh roundabout in al-Hasakah city, with the participation of all the young men and women of civil and political society’s institutions under the motto “Revolt for the Freedom of Leader Ocalan”. The demonstration will last 6 days in a row, to reach Qamishlo city.HSK-MESA-CIWANA-JI-BO-SEROK-2-300x169

Where the participants will walk 15 kilometers every day, according to the administrator of Rojava Youth Union in al-Hasakah city Aldar Kobani that they will burn a flame after the end of the walk every day, and gain high morale through the gathering of young men and women around the torch of freedom.

Kobani said during an interview with the Hawar news agency that Rojava’ young men and women will be in full swing during the next 6 days to respond to the practices of the Turkish occupation state. “The youth of al-Jazeera will unite in Qamishlo city on the last day of the demonstration”

The Rojava administrator of Youth Union in al-Hasakah city Aldar Kobani appealed to all the Youth to participate in the demonstration.

Before the launch of the demonstration, a member of the Students’ Union read a statement on behalf of the Youth Union of Rojava Nairuz Hassan denouncing the practices of the Turkish state and the isolation imposed on the leader.HSK-MESA-CIWANA-JI-BO-SEROK-3-300x169

In a relevant concer, Dêrik demonstration is about being launched too, while Serê Kaniyê demonstration has set off few minutes ago. The 3 demonstrations will reach Qamishlo on November 27th.