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risoners from three towns released in Newroz amnesty

NEWS DESK – Dozens of prisoners in the towns of Amûde, Efrîn and Girke Legê were released as part of an amnesty issued on occasion of Newroz Day. Released prisoners promised not to repeat their acts  which were harmful to the society.2017-3-20-AMUDE-ASAYISA-AMUDE-GIRTI-SERBEST-BERDAN 1


Amûde Asayish Forces have released the prisoners benefiting from the amnesty granted by the Jazira Canton’s Legislative Assembly.


On the occasion of Newroz, the Shahba Board of Social Justice and Shahba Assembly decided for the release of 10 prisoners held in Mêremîn village of Til Rifet. Opinion leaders in the region, Shahba Executive Assembly and Mêremîn Village Assembly members were present during the release of the prisoners who promised not to repeat their acts harmful to the society.


22 prisoners in Girke Legê were also released as part of the Newroz amnesty.