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Riyadh Derar: our aim is finding a political solution   


AL-HASAKAH- The Syrian Democratic Board’s Co-Chair Riyadh Derar said that they are seeking a political solution to the Syrian crisis and are holding arms for the sake of fighting terror.

In the context of the SDB and Syrian Democratic Forces meeting to discuss the political developments and the victories achieved by SDF, Hawar News Agency held an interview with the SDB’s Co-Chair Riyadh Derar.

Derar pointed out that after holding the board’s 2nd conference, they are working on organizing and expanding their bureaus to achieve the goals the board was established for.

Derar noted that the aim of holding these meetings with SDF is to learn about the stage they reached and exchanging political and military views, Derar added” new developments will turn up after al-Raqqa liberation, and this new stage should be considered.

The sole force protecting its people

Derar added that SDF is the only force which is seeking to liberate the area’s peoples, and perfect example for fighters flowing from different parts of the Syrian lands, Derar said” the Syrian Democratic Forces are seeking to eliminate terrorism from the Syrian lands and build a democratic Syria.

Derar noted that the key point they discussed was finding a political solution, since they are holding arms for the sake of fighting terror and despotism, Derar said” despotism is the cause of these crises which exploded years ago and till now”.

Derar concluded saying that al-Raqqa people will lead their areas themselves after IS is eliminated by SDF calling al-Raqqa people to join SDF and rebuild their city.