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international organizations are silent on the situation of migrants


GIRE SPI – In Ayn Issa camp, the number of migrants is increasing. Facilities are limited and human rights organizations are silent in this situation.XELIL EHMED

Raqqan migrants who have forcibly migrated due to the practices of ISIS gangs in the region remain in Ayn Issa Camp.

There are now 3,000 migrants staying at Ayn Issa Camp. Only the Gire Spi Autonomous Administration and some regional organizations are helping migrants with limited resources.

Migrants who pay for their travel expenses by selling all their goods to get rid of ISIS gangs by reaching safe zones are now unable to afford the costs of their children.

Xelil Ehmed, 26, said the migrant camp had difficulties in meeting the food and other needs due to the inadequacy of opportunities. “We have only water and bread, and the camp administration committee gives it to us,” he said.

Salih El-Xedban, a 59-year-old who escaped from the persecution of ISIS and now lives in Ayn Issa Camp, said that he had no quilts, and not just food problems, but also no protection from the cold.SALIH XEDBAN

Al-Xebdan called on the UN and international human rights organizations to meet their needs.

The number of migrants arriving to the camp increases day by day, with an average of 150-200 migrants per day.