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Robar, Shahba residents are happy see women law implemented


AFRIN- The refugees of Robar and al-Shahba camps showed their happiness for applying women law in the two camps.

Women Body held two separate meetings in coordination with Labor and Social Affairs Body in Afrin canton for the refugees in the two camps. The aim of these meetings is to explain women laws to men and women and apply them.Hiyana Mihemed

The refugees in the two camps in Sherawa province in the Afrin canton considered the rules connected to women and rules of society and women protection should be applied.

Weal Alo a refugee in Robar Camp said “we as men should not stand against her (women) and their future and own will, so she herself should be the decision maker of her affairs.  RADEA TLIL

While the refugee Hayat Muhammad in Robar Camp assured her refusal to polygamy “we do not agree with a man to marry several times whatever the reasons are” and Hayat Muhammad added “I am thankful to those who issued women law and applied it in the camp”.

Hayat stated that women law provisions should be a solution of all women problems.  Sheikh Muhammad the refugee in al-Shahba Camp described the items of the law as “Logic” and said “women became the sacrifices of wars and clashes, in addition to that, the oppression of the authoritative man”.Şêx Mihemed

Sheikh Muhammad assured that women law will limit the marriage of the minors. Moreover, it will limit divorce.

Rabaa Dllal considered the implementation of this law has come too late, and Rabaa wished if that was implemented earlier.