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Rojava consultative meeting begins

GIRKÊ-LEGÊ- The consultative meeting of the Kurdistan National Congreas of Rojava have been launched with the participation of 170 delegates.GIRKE LEGE-SEWRA-NETWI-DEST-PEDIKI1

The meeting is attended by 150 representatives of political parties, civil institutions, women’s and youth organizations in the regions of Cizîre, Afrin and the Euphrates, as well as a number of intellectuals, academics and dignitaries and independent personalities from Damascus and the areas of al- Shahba. The co-chair of the Kurdistan National conference Nelofar Koj participating.

The meeting has just started with holding a minute of silence and the opening speech by a member of the leadership of the Kurdistan National Congress in Rojava Abdel Karim Omar.

The meeting is scheduled to continue for two consecutive days, while the Preparatory Committee confirmed invitations to all political parties, civil organizations and independent figures to participate in the meeting.GIRKE LEGE-SEWRA-NETWI-DEST-PEDIKI2

The consultative meeting aims to bring together the views of the parties to reach a common formula for holding a comprehensive national Kurdish conference. The agenda of the consultative meeting includes discussing draft proposals prepared by the Preparatory Committee and listening to the views of representatives of the participating parties.

A consultative meeting was also held in the city of al-Sulaymaniyah in Başûr (South-Kurdistan) in mid-July of this year where similar consultative meetings are supposed to be held in parts of Kurdistan and Europe.