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Rojava Coordination calls the world to finish Turkish occupation

NEWS DESK- The DAA General Coordination denounced the Turkish aggression on Rojava land calling the international community and UN to put pressure on Turkish government to withdraw its army and deliver occupied land to its owners.

The Turkish state continues its offensives and occupation of Rojava lands building a wall at the borders of Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan and digging trenches as well on Rojava lands opposite of Amuda city, the General Coordination of DAA has released a statement decrying the Turkish occupation and violations.

The statement is:

“Fascist Turkish army has occupied lands owned by bordering villages residents at the borders of Amuda and al-Darbasiyah, and is building a wall, this aggressive escalating act is a completion of opposing- Rojava policies adopted by the Turkish government, mainly aiming at escalating the conflict and prolonging it in the region”.

We as the Rojava Coordination of DAA decry and denounce this offensive on our lands by the Turkish occupying army and we call the international community and UN and states in power to put pressure on the Turkish state to withdraw its army and give land back to its owners, and stop these outrageous acts against peoples of the region which are facing the worst of terrorist organizations instead of the whole world.