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Rojava delegation continues meetings in Moscow

NEWS DESK – The Rojava delegation in Moscow met with Sergey Mironov, president of the party of A Just Russia.

Co-chairwoman Asya Abdullah, Chairman of the Kobanê Canton Executive Board Enver Muslim and PYD Russia Representative Abdulselam Ali, President of the Just Russia party Sergey Mironov, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Alexei Chepa and Central Council Chairman Alexander Romanovic came together at the Duma party office in Moscow.

Mironov welcomed the PYD delegation, “For many years, there has been a warm and friendly dialogue between the PYD and the Just Russia party, as well as the constructive and honest relations. Russia has taken an active role in overcoming the Syrian crisis. Russia is persistent in fighting against international terror groups like Daesh (ISIS),” he said.

On behalf of the Rojava delegation, Asya Abdullah emphasized that positive relations between the PYD and the Just Russia Party will continue in the coming period.

The parties discussed the problems on the agenda of world politics, the Kurdish problem and the crisis in Syria during the meeting in the Russian capital.