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Rojava representation in France: reports should be objective

PARIS– Ibrahim Muslim representative of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Paris said that reports about Rojava should be just and objective, noting that most reports are prepared in Istanbul or Gaziantep.FERANC-HONRTYA-ROJAVA

Under the patronage of Human Restart, a conference under the title” seeking a better future” was held in Paris on July 23, 2016, some activists of civil society, personalities concerned with human rights, journalists and representatives of international organization in Europe, Syria, Iraq and Algeria, and Ibrahim Muslim a representative on Rojava representation in Paris’s part.

The conference was opened with a minute of silence, followed by many speeches and presentations mostly touching upon human rights’ issues in Syria, Iraq, and Algeria, emphasizing unanimously on the necessity of objective and credible documentation of violations of human rights.
Ibrahim Muslim representative of Rojava representation in France, on his part, talked about the Kurdish status quo in the Middle East in general, and the situation in Syria and Rojava in particular.

Muslim pointed out to the experience in Rojava which is based on brotherhood of co-existing components and nations and respect of human rights, he also stressed the need for objectivity and credibility in the reports written about Rojava, and their depending on reliable sources, as most reports are conducted in Istanbul or Gaziantep.

Muslim concluded his word saying” the experience of Rojava absorbs all components, all we wish for is consolidation of efforts to fight IS terrorism and topple the regime, and construct a democratic federal system starting from the steps taken in Rojava-North Syria.

The conference was concluded by forming three-state committees concerned with documentation of violations of human rights and development of human rights through studies conducted about these states, adding to that communicating with international organizations and European parliaments for the support of projects concerned with human rights in these states.