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Rojava representation lay flowers in Stockholm attack’s

NEWS DESK- The representation of Rojava in Sweden and PYD (Democratic Federation Party) organization in Scandinavia participated in the ceremonies of laying flowers writhes in the position of the terrorist attack in the capital of Sweden Stockholm.TEVLI-BUNA-REVEBERIYA-XWESR-BI-DANINA-GULA-LI-SIWEDE1 (1)

On Monday, the official for PYD organization in Scandinavia Shiyar Ali, the representation of DAA (the Democratic Autonomous Administration) of Rojava in Sweden Ster Cardaghi, and the member of Jack Organization for Kurdish Human Rights Pola Aziz participated in the ceremonies of condolences and putting flowers writhes in the attack’ position for commemorating the victims’ souls in order to reach the message of the Kurdish people solidarity to Sweden peoples, government, and foundations.

The representation of the DAA and PYD met unofficially on the margins of the ceremony met some Swedish persona and officials showing the Kurdish people sympathy with Sweden and its security forces, and they assured that the Kurdish people are in the first trench for fighting the terrorist in the world like IS and others whether in the Middle East or in the World.

On 7 April, a terror attack was carried out in a crowded market in Stockholm. An operation of shooting fire resulted in 4 victims and 11 injured after Erdogan’s threaten that he headed some days before the attack as he said “Europeans could not walk safely in the roads”, and this statement assembles to what is happening now in the European cities and capitals streets.

The representation of the AA in Sweden had published a statement on the terrorist attack’s day and delivered a copy to the Swedish governments and parties. The statement contains the following:

“We the representation of the DAA in Sweden condemn the terrorist act that took place in the Swedish capital Stockholm. We confirm our solidarity and sadness to the people and government of Sweden, and we console the victims’ families. We also inform the Swedish government that we in Rojava and Kurdistan have our deep experience against the terrorism, and we have been fighting it since years. It is the time for Europe to realize the terror danger amount that we had been fighting in Rojava before its transmitting to Europe.TEVLI-BUNA-REVEBERIYA-XWESR-BI-DANINA-GULA-LI-SIWEDE1 (2)

To cease terrorists, financial sources and supplies should be cut off from supporting countries. By this, providing military and politic support by European states and the world is important for the troops that fight the terrorist in each of Syria and Iraq specially Kurds as they are fighting the terrorists instead of the world”.

It has been cleared that the terror has no limit, and we all must not give up for the terrorist or the support states of IS and all the terrorist factions in Syria.

The only way to live safely in Syria is by achieving real democracy and federal for the components of the area so the war against the represented terrorist of IS and its fraternities is by our solidarity in this war and ceasing financial sources and support for the terrorist troops for the world to enjoy safety, security, and freedom.