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Rojava Youth in Başûr: Kurdish Youth should revolt in face of Turkish repression

NEWS DESK– The youth of Rojava, who are in Başûr Kurdistan, called on the Kurdish youth in parts of Kurdistan to revolt against the Turkish repressive machine and to carry out their duty as a youth to be the example of the Kurdish people in the revolution and achieve the freedom of Ocelan.

Rojava youth, who are in the Başûr Kurdistan, gathered together carrying the flag of Rojava Youth Union and a picture of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocelan. They read a statement saying that the freedom of Ocelan is the key to the freedom of all peoples in the region.

The text of their statement:

“For all youth eager for freedom and public opinion, today we are passing through a historic and fateful period in the face of attacks by the authoritarian regimes against all the peoples of the region. We are the youth of Rojava in region of Başûr. We see it as our duty to carry out the historic tasks at this stage: To stand in the face of these regimes, primarily the Turkish fascist regime, which systematically targeted all the Kurdish people that was through the alliance with national systems in order to block the Kurdish people’s project to reach freedom.

Therefore, Turkey should know that we, as the youth of the Middle East and Kurdish, will not stand idly by in front of its policies on the Kurdish cause, especially the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocelan, who will be the key to freedom for all the peoples of the region. Başûr Kurdistan call on all Kurdish youth in all parts of Kurdistan to revolute in the face of the Turkish repressive machine, and carry out its duty as a youth to be an example for the Kurdish people in the uprising and liberation and the capture of the leader Ocelan

And we will not stop or stop doing all the actions that will end the injustice on the Kurdish people and leader App and our slogan is the revolution because these regimes want to end freedom and democracy. “