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Rojava youths: We will liberate North Kurdistan just like we liberated Kobanî


QAMIŞLO – Youths in the city of Qamişlo of Western Kurdistan (Rojava) organized a march in Qamişlo and released a video to express their support to the youths resisting in Cizîra Botan against the armed forces of Turkey. The youths in Qamişlo said forces of Turkey killed 60 civilians in Cizîra Botan and such massacres will increase participation of Rojava youths in the ranks of Kurdish armed units in Cizîra Botan and struggle against forces of Turkey will intensify.

Hundreds of youths in Qamişlo marched from the city center to the border with Nisêbîn in North Kurdistan and said how youths in Rojava joined YPG and YPJ and liberated Kobanî, they will fight in North Kurdistan against forces of Turkey and liberate North Kurdistan as well.