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Rojda Felat: 70% of al-Raqqa liberated



QAMIŞLO- The commander in the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Rojda Felat said that 70% of al-Raqqa space has been liberated, and they are about to achieve their aim. Moreover, launching two campaigns simultaneously gives the fighters high morale.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign that was launched by SDF fighters in June 6 continues at rapid momentum, and the fighters liberated more than 70% of the city, and fierce clashes are still ongoing in the center of the city.

The commander in SDF Rojda Felat stated in an interview with Hawar news agency that their fighters continue progressing in al-Raqqa neighborhoods with high morale, and the mercenaries’ morale seems collapsed.

Rojda Felat noted that the fighters are fighting now in the center of al-Raqqa city, and they liberated 70% of the city.

Rojda Felat added “the terrorist organization’s so-called capital is about collapsing especially that al-Mansour neighborhood which is in the center of the city is being liberated at the moment”.

The commander Rojda Felat congratulated the peoples of freedom on launching al-Jazeera Tempest campaign to liberate the southern countryside of Cizîre, and Rojda assured that the two coinciding campaigns are an evidence on the high abilities and qualifications that SDF are characterized of.