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Rojda Felat: al-Tabqa and Euphrates Dam liberation is near

AL-RAQQA- The commander of the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) Rojada Felat said that the operation of al-Tabqa city and Euphrates Dam liberation is reaching its end, and their forces have achieved great victories during this stage.

Hawar news agency interviewed the commander Rojada Felat and Rojda said “during the operation of al-Tabqa city and Euphrates Dam liberation that was launched in March 21 within Wrath of Euphrates campaign, the forces achieved great victories and caused the mercenaries’ gangs strong strikes. In addition to that, many mercenaries’ bodies were kept in our forces’ hands, and the mercenaries’ weapons that were sent by many states were kept in our fighters’ hands”.

Rojda Felat said “the stage is getting its end so we call for our people to head towards the safe liberated areas by SDF as the civilians’ exciting in the battlefields obstructs our forces advance and roll the terror back from the area.

The commander added that the second reason that may obstruct the forces’ progress is that many mines were planted by the mercenaries of IS in order to cause damage in the forces and civilians. Moreover, with each progress, the Special Forces are dismantling the mines in the forces’ front lines.

On the humanitarian level, Rojda Felat said “the civilians came back to the areas that were liberated by our forces in al-Tabqa, after insuring refuge for them. Moreover, maybe we are not able to insure all the necessities for our people, but the bakery of the city has worked again and bread is being insured for people currently.”