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Rojda Felat calls on women to follow martyr Avista


AL_TABQA –The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)and the Women’s Protection Units(YPJ), Rojda Felat confirmed that the terrorist science carried out by the fighter Avista Khabor is a continuating of the approach of Martyr Mirkan and Rifana who carried out commando operations against  IS mercenaries during the attack on Kobani in the fall of 2014.


The fighter Avista Khabor, carried out a commando operation  on Sunday when it blew herself up in a tank of the Turkish occupation army was trying to breaking in  hammam village injanders district in Afrin canton in North Syria ,

In response to this  commando operation, the first since the start of the Afran resistance against the Turkish aggression on 20 January, the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)and the women’s protection units (YPJ ), Rojda Felat confirmed their continuation in the footsteps of Martyr Avista.

Hawar news agency (ANHA ) held interview with Rojda Felat said ” Comrade Avista has made her body a shield and a trench against enemy tanks and missiles so that he can not progress in Hammam village and this operation introduced

Felat  recalled the resistance shown by the fighters in the women’s protection units (YPJ) against IS mercenaries  attempts to call for the occupation of Kobani  in 2014.

“The operation of Comrade Avista is the source of the operations carried out by martyr Aren Mirkan and Al-Shahida Rifana during the resistance of the Kobani against attacks  IS gangs to occupation of Kobani and these operations will prevent the enemy from compromising our dignity.”

“Comrade Avista, through her guerrilla operation, prevented Turkish tanks from shelling children and civilians in Afrin,” he said. “This operation will bring down the occupation army and mercenaries in Afrin.”


She called on all women in the world, especially in Afrin and northern Syria to follow the example of “martyre Avista and joining the resistance of Afrin.”

On the ninth day of the resistance of Afrin, Flatt met “resistance to Afrin and we are with you and we will win and follow the approach of Martyr Avista.”