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Rojda Felat: the joint of al-Raqqa youth is a good step for the Arabic component


KOBANÎ- The commander of Syrian Democratic Forces Rojda Felat described the joining of al-Raqqa men and women in SDF as a good step for the whole Arabic component and thirstiness for freedom.

Rojda Felat stated in an interview with Hawar news agency after graduating ceremony of the 5th section of Wrath of Euphrates forces in the martyr commander Feisal Abu Lyla academy and assured that the youths of al-Raqqa are receiving the forces of Wrath of Euphrates with great happiness and it is clear by their intensively joint to these forces.

Rojda felat made it clear that the more their forces approach al-Raqqa city, the more al-Raqqa youths join their forces, and that striving for saving the people from the oppressions of ISIS and their crimes. Rojda felat added “the aim of those youths’ join our forces is for liberating their land, villages, and city form the hands of ISIS mercenaries that have been dominating their regions since more than three years”, and Rojda said that the youths are joining with passion, high moral, and insistence to liberate their people.

Rojda felat said that the graduation of news sections particularly this section is considered a great victory for their forces and they are proud of them whereas the joint fighters are from the Arabic component and from al-Raqqa and its countryside, and the people of the area themselves strived for revenging their sons and daughters who faced many atrocities on the hands of the mercenaries that committed many fierce massacres against them.

The commander in SDF Rojda felat concluded calling on all men and women of al-Raqqa to join SDF for protecting their land and families.