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Rola Haroun: people should lead communes to success by electing


Diyar Ahmo

QAMISHLO- The general coordinator of the Modernity and Democracy Party in Syria, Rola Haroun, said that the success of the elections communes and the federal elections depends on the active participation of the society and the political parties.

This came in an interview conducted by ANHA with the general coordinator of the Party of Modernity and Democracy in Syria Rola Haroun on the importance of participation in the elections of the communes.

“We, as the Modernity and Democracy Party in Syria, were among the participants in the declaration of the North Syria Democratic Federalism, and we see it as a major project as it begins its first step from the communes” said Rola Haroun.

In her speech about the importance of the communes, Rola Haroun said that the communes are the corner stone of the federalism, which will serve the society with all its possibilities and at all political, cultural and social levels.

She also expressed her confidence that “democratic federalism will be the best solution to resolve the Syrian crisis and we will always be with it with all our capabilities.”

To succeed in the elections of communes and thus the success of the federal project, Rola Haroun appealed to all segments of “society and the components of northern Syria, all political parties, sects and figures to participate in the communes’ elections.