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Rubble still removed in the al-Tabqa


AL-TABQA- The works of rubble removal in al-Tabqa city are still ongoing at an accelerated pace in more than one place in the city.TIBQA-DEBRID HILKIŞÎNIN (3)

Al-Tabqa Organization for Relief and Development in the Democratic  Civil Administration have received the task of rubble removal from the workshops, and the organization would continue rubble removal operations.

Clearing operations have been halted for some time because there was a shortage in fuel for the machineries.

About a week ago, a rubble removal and total cleaning operations were launched in al-Taqba city including the martyrs’ shrines, the automatic bakery and the Post Office building.

The cleaning and removal of rubble operations were moved to the First neighborhood in al-Tabqa city by the participation of dozens of workers and a number of machineries.

This step included the rubble removal and the opening of some closed streets in the city. The deadlock at the concrete roadblock  at al-Jahez Square in the First neighborhood in al-Tabqa was opened after removing the roadblock and starting to pave the road.

These works are expected to continue in the First neighborhood to include other closed streets and dilapidated buildings.