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Sabri Ok: All events warn Kurds to unite

NEWS DESK-A member of Command Body of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Sabri Ok pointed out that the will of the people must be the basis for solving the problems and the crisis between Başûr “South Kurdistan” and Iraq. “One must stay away from the concepts of the nationalistic state; we must build our national unity “

We would like to touch up on the crisis between Başûr, Kurdistan and Iraq, especially what happened in Kirkuk, which led to cutting relations between the two parties. In your opinion, what is the solution to get out of this crisis?

What happened was not good for what the Kurds achieved, and the impression they formed, so the Kurds must investigate the mentality that was the cause of what happened, because the Kurds were able to create a good impression for them in the world, and what happened after the referendum shook this impression.

What do you say about the internal politics of Başûr Kurdistan? Now the parties are accusing each other of treason. If the situation continues as such, where will things lead in Başûr?

In history there are examples of this. After they called Saddam with his tanks to Hewler, today they accuse each other in Kirkuk. In fact, when one sees a policy that is going wrong, it means that there is a wrong mind leading that policy. With this mentality they cannot convince the people and they cannot solve the outstanding problems. On the contrary, they will remain without will, and will continue to serve Iran, Turkey and Iraq.

When the referendum was held, everyone thought Turkey would support it, but the opposite happened. When Iraq entered the lands of Başûr, what was the role of Turkey?

Turkey has always committed massacres and crimes against Kurdish people. Turkey does not want the independence of Başûr and will not accept it, and this is clear through its actions and crimes.

In your opinion, did Kurdistan Democratic Party Know the policy adopted in the referendum well?

They say that we understand politics, but when we see the events and their results, we see that they fail and cannot understand the policy that is being managed, and I do not know what to wait until they understand what is happening. The goal of the Turkish state of its flexible policy towards the Kurdistan Democratic is to eliminate the revolution Bakur Kurdistan and PKK liquidation.

What will Kurds do from now on?

If Kurds look at the authoritarian forces and analyze them, they will know what they will do. Even though they are enemies, but when it up to Kurds they unite, why do Kurds not unite? The problem is here. The countries that kept the Kurds without will and management, are united, so why do the Kurds not unite? We must understand the authoritarian policy of the countries on Kurds, Kurds must know their history, and work to consolidate the concept of democracy, Kurds must unite, and to keep the gains earned by the Kurdish people we must do this.