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Salar Mehmood: Turkish invasion has many chauvinistic goals


QAMISLO- A member of Southern Kurdistan’s Parliament Salar Mehmood stressed  that the invasion of Turkish forces to the Başûr Kurdistan’s lands has goals and chauvinistic purposes, including the extension of influence, pointing out that the lack of resistance of the territorial government or even the condemnation of the invasion is due to the deep economic interests between them.

A member in the Parliament of Southern Kurdistan Region in Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and member of the Union of Kurdish Parliamentarians, Salar Mehmood on the invasion of Turkish occupation army in the night of December 14 for the lands of Başûr Kurdistan, in an interview with Hawar news agency and spoke about the silence of the government as well as political parties in Başûr about this invasion.

At the beginning of his speech, Mahmoud said that Turkish army has “purely chauvinistic and national goals, in the context of expansions programmed politically and intended to be achieved in studied stages. And many purposes, including the extension of influence and closely monitor the situation to prove his presence for the purpose of hegemony over the Kurdish areas in light of his fears of PKK’ forces stationed there.

He noted that the tension between Kurdish parties also made Turkey “invading the Kurdish regions and declaring itself as a hostile enemy to the occupation of a country other than its own and bombard its areas under the pretext of fighting with Kurdish forces.”

At the end of his speech, a member in the parliament of Kurdistan region in the Kurdistan National Union, Salar Mehmood, said that the internal conditions in Başûr Kurdistan is unfavorable and lacks strong and cohesive relations between political parties, and is strained away from the existence of a unified political discourse of reunification and advancement again, Also pushed its parties to silence the Turkish invasion, although Turkey considered the referendum on independence of the Kurdistan region, which was held in  last September 25.