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Saleh Muslim” International Socialist adopted the federation”

NEWS DESK- The Co-Chair of Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim(DUP) assured that the International Socialist congress held recently in Colombia has adopted the democratic federation project by the Syrian Democratic Board to find a solution for the Syrian crisis.

The Co-Chair of Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim and the DUP’s representative in Balkans Ibrahim Muslim have taken part in the 25th international socialist congress.

Saleh Muslim said in a statement to Hawar news agency that the congress has generally touched up the late developments and happenings in the world, and focused on the war ongoing in Syria and the status quo of the Middle East, particularly AKP dictatorial policies against the regions’ people, Turkey’s and the arrest of HDP’s MPs.

Saleh Muslim added” our delegation emphasized the necessity of adopting the democratic federation project to solve the Syrian crisis, since the conflict the area is witnessing was a result of the systemized exclusion and denial policies implemented by the ruling regimes in the ME”.

Muslim also assured that the congress’s final statement stressed on Syria Democratic Board participating in the ongoing talks in Geneva and Astana to address the Syrian crisis, and release the HDP’s MPs, in addition to that, nominating Jalal Talabani honorary president of the ISO”.

Muslim concluded saying that they have met the participant delegations in the conference” we have met many delegations and given them a clear vision of our project and the situation in the country right now”.

The International Socialist Organization is considered the biggest global organization which comprises more than 90 parties, including 53 ruling parties around the world.