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Saleh Muslim: we will commit to KNC’s appeal  


QAMISHLO- The Democratic Union Party(PYD’s) Co-Chair Saleh Muslim described the Kurdistan National Congress’s appeal to solve the Kurdish cause as positive, Muslim also assured their commitment to work on making it successful saying” unifying the Kurdish line is the sole way to face the challenges that face the Kurdish existence”.

Hawar news agency interviewed Saleh Muslim the Democratic Union Party’s Co-Chair about holding a consultation meeting to discuss the Kurdish cause.

How do you evaluate the appeal the Kurdistan National Congress sent to all Kurdish powers and parties to hold a consultation meeting in the Kurdistan four parts?

The Middle East regimes, influence zones and borders are being reorganized, as the former ones are insufficient to both peoples and world hegemonic powers, so a new order is required.

Kurdish people have been subjected to different kinds of annihilation over the past century, to prove their existence among the world’s peoples, they should have a unified strategy to face the challenges and elimination policies by Kurdish powers meeting and drawing the broad lines of a strategy everyone would commit to.

Accordingly, as PYD, what is your attitude to KNC’s step?

We will commit to it and do our best to make it successful as we believe in unifying the Kurdish line since it is the sole way to face the challenges that face Kurds and other peoples coexisting with them.

KNC called all Kurdish parties and organizations to stand together and build a unified Kurdish strategy, what do you think of this?

the Kurdistan National Congress is trying to undertake its historical duty and the stage’s demands. Doubtlessly, political parties and organizations are leading the community, so they should be addressed and invited to undertake their historical duties since setting a Kurdish joint strategy is a present priority.

Do you perceive this step comprising all parties under a roof a beginning to solve the Kurdish cause, to what extent it would influence the Middle East?

Since these efforts were initiated, a comprehensive meeting was aspired to, but some parties and organizations do not realize the historical significance of such a unified strategy, and would not perceive the dimensions of the ongoing developments, so many attempts failed in the past. But now it is becoming an urgent priority.

In addition, such an achievement will meet the aspirations of Kurdish people and their victories on the ground; moreover, it will give Kurds a chance to correct their mistakes committed in the 20th century and assure them a suitable place among the Middle East and the world.

We think that the stalemate in the Kurdish cause and Kurdish existence denial was the major cause of tension and conflict in the ME, solving the Kurdish cause, ME conflicts could be eliminated since the Kurdish people in their perspectives and modern paradigm could be a pioneer of the ME peoples towards diversity, peace and fraternity of peoples.