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Saqir: the Turkish aggression supports IS, obstructs al-Raqqa campaign


NEWS DESK- The Political and Presidential Body in the Democratic Syrian Council (MSD) Bassam Saqir said that the Turkish aggression on Rojava and Şengal is clear as it supports and reinforces IS positions in Syria and Iraq. This is an attempt to obstruct the military campaign that the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) are leading with the global coalition against IS in al-Raqqa.

Bassam Saqir talked in an interview with Hawar news agency about the Turkish aggression and its bombardment on Rojava areas.

Bassam Saqir firstly said “it is clear that the last Turkish aggression on YPG points is an evidence on its policies failure about the Syrian issue, and it expresses its craziness at the American marginalization to it about the issue of al-Raqqa liberation”.

Saqir also said “what Turkey does is an attempt to impose itself as an important power in the Middle East by the policy of mixing papers and obstructing the military campaign that SDF are launched with the global coalition against IS”.

The member of the Political and Presidential Body in MSD concluded saying “the American attitude would not be limited to the media statements only, rather, strong unannounced warnings would be sent to Turkey because these acts do not interest US in its fighting against IS and terrorism.