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Saudi king vows to fight corruption, regrets US decision on Jerusalem

NEWS DESK- Saudi King Selman bin Abdul Aziz, during the inauguration of the Saudi Shura Council, pointed out his government’s determination to confront corruption, expressing “deep regret” over the American decision on Jerusalem.

In a speech at the opening of the seventh session of the Shura Council at the council’s headquarters in Riyadh, King Abdullah stressed efforts to confront corruption and citizens’ participation in development, pointing to the formation of the anti-corruption committee. He said his government is determined to confront corruption fairly and firmly.

King Selman noted that the Kingdom is playing an influential role in regional and international organizations, reiterating its deep regret at the American decision on Jerusalem and said that the Kingdom is working to counter interference in the internal affairs of the Gulf states.

King Selman bin Abdul Aziz issued an order to set up a high anti-corruption committee and the Saudi authorities arrested 11 emirs, four current ministers and dozens of former ministers to investigate corruption charges.