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Scenes of al-Tabqa on Eid al-Adha evening

AL-TABQA – in a beautiful scene lost for several years the city al-Tabqa where the atmosphere of Eid has been retrieved after the city was deprived of joy of this day throughout the occupation of IS mercenaries of the city.

the end of the era of IS mercenaries’ occupation for the city ended after more than three years before the liberation at the hands of fighters operation room of Wrath of Euphrates in May.

And the movement of markets returned to what it was before, where the high congestion and diversity of goods and attractive prices, and the joy of people are clear in their faces as they purchase the Eid’s necessities, clothes, gowns and others, as well as the innocent smile on the faces of children carrying bags full of new clothes and games return to their house waiting for the morning of the Eid day.

The families of al-Tabqa on this occasion, expressed their happiness over this Eid, and considered it as “Eid al-Alhuryia and Eid al-Adha.”