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Schools; witnesses to destruction in al-Shahba

AL-SHAHBAA – The schools of the canton of al-Shahba have become witnesses to the fierce battles and explosions rather than evidence of the rise and spread of education of generations because of the damage caused by the conflict between the forces that followed the control of the area in light of the Syrian crisis.SEHBI-NUCE-LI-SER-DEBESTANA ‫(272892417)‬ ‫‬

What has been witnessed in the villages and towns of the liberated canton of al- Shahba during the past 6 years of destruction and looting by ISIS mercenary and mercenaries of the Syrian Coalition supported by the Turkish occupation army, had a direct impact on the future of children in many aspects, perhaps the most prominent was education.

A large number of the children of the canton of Al-Shahba became victims of the violations of mercenaries from kidnapping, killing, torture and other things that affected them and deprived them of the rights of children. The most basic of them was the right to learn in all its stages from primary to secondary after the destruction of most schools. In addition to that, IS gangs considered any other curricula than theirs a blasphemy.
As a result, the educational level has declined, and the children are unwilling to learn for fear of the brutality of the mercenaries which were putting pressure on them to join the “jihad” as they say, not to mention the way teachers treated pupils at schools under the control of the coalition mercenaries in the absence of supervision. Schools headquarters and training camps for mercenaries.SEHBI-NUCE-LI-SER-DEBESTANA ‫(272892419)‬ ‫‬

In late 2016 and early 2017, the Revolutionary Forces launched a number of military operations against ISIS mercenaries on the one hand and mercenaries of the Syrian National Coalition on the other hand, in order to liberate the villages and towns of al-Shahba from their violations. But the mercenaries did what they were not entitled to, Including the school of the center of Ahras district, which was destroyed by the bombing of a car bomb, not to mention the school of the village of Harbel which is no longer a sound thing and became a damaged school.

After the liberation of more than 40 villages and towns by the joint revolutionary factions that had gathered under the roof of the revolutionary forces now and the return of the people, life gradually returned to al-Shahba with the start of organizational and service work to organize life.

The Training Committee for of Democratic Society in the canton of al-Shahba of the Board of Directors of the areas of al-Shahba, in order to return the stolen mercenaries of the spirit of education and love of the study initiated the work to rehabilitate and restore the remaining schools in the villages and towns of al-Shahba .
Most schools in the canton need to be completely renovated. They need doors, windows, walls and floors, as well as sewerage pipes, as well as schools, chairs, tables, stationery and other necessities.SEHBI-NUCE-LI-SER-DEBESTANA ‫(272892421)‬ ‫‬

The continuous efforts of members of the Education and Pedagogy Committee of the Democratic Society opened 20 schools in addition to a school for the camp of Robar and al-Shahba for displaced people, since most of the displaced people in the camps are from the areas of al-Shahba.
The Education Committee is teaching the educational staff the new curriculum of the Committee of Education in the Democratic Society in the Afrin region which is based on the concept of the democratic nation.

The training of teachers for the Kurdish component, such as training in curricula and levels of Kurdish language, and the trainees receive extensive lessons on the new curriculum about teaching methods, and dealing with students, and discussing the problems facing teachers, and identifying the gaps that they suffer from, only lessons about the Kurdish language as well as basic subjects in educational curricula such as mathematics, society and life, Kurdish language, science. “

Arabic teachers receive training about teaching methods according to the curriculum of the committee as well as registration of teachers and new teachers.

The educational process in al-Shahba is expected to be supervised by about 90 teachers and the number is still increasing as the Education Committee continues to train and rehabilitate the teachers, while the number of students exceeds 3,000 students.