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Scorpions and snakes threaten al-Raqqa refugees 


GIRÊ SIPÎ- Amid the crazy rise in temperature degrees in the past few weeks, Ain Issa camp refugees’ suffering is increasing as they become threatened by diseases, insects and poisonous reptiles like scorpions and snakes which increase as the heat wave hits the area, but refugees are unable to face these threats.

Many of Ain Issa camp refugees accommodating around 11 thousand people are complaining about the remarkable increase in scorpion and snake numbers in the past few weeks since high temperature is witnessing which caused many contagious diseases.

Head of Ain Issa camp affairs committee in al-Raqqa Civil Council Jalal Mahmoud al-Ayaf said in an interview with Hawar news agency that they have recently observed many snakes and scorpions in the eastern part of the camp as it aligns the barren lands and from there come the snakes and scorpions.


Ayaf assured that one of the humanitarian organizations has sprayed insecticides in the camp thus contributing to a relative control to their existence.

One of the elderly refugees Asmaa al-Hasan said” the snakes and scorpions conquered the camp with the rising temperature on the eastern side of the camp align to the barren lands” al-Hasan went on” I found a yellow scorpion under the bread bunch inside my tent, and I killed it”.


Asmaa revealed that the rubbish spreading everywhere in the camp is another cause, she also assured on their dire need for clean water.

An old man kills 5 snakes in a single day!GIRE SIPI-TUPISK-U-MAR-JIYANA-KOCBERE-REQAYE-DIKEVE-XETEREDE ‫(173867523)‬ ‫‬

Muhamad Abdullah, an old refugee said that the snakes are spreading in the eastern areas of the camp, Abdullah added” I killed 5 snakes in a single day”.

The refugee Abdullah called for providing electricity within their tents in case any poisonous insects entered to kill them.

Ain Issa camp, 50 km north al-Raqqa, is one of the biggest camps opened by the Democratic Autonomous Administration, and is supervised by al-Raqqa Civil Council.