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SDB finishes regular meeting, a work plan set


AD-DARBASIYAH- After evaluating the up-to-date developments on the political and military levels, reading the organizational situation report over the past 3 months, the events of the meeting were finished with setting a work plan for the coming months.

On Sunday, the meeting of the political body of Democratic Syrian Board in the DSB’s headquarter was begun in ad-Darbasiyah city where the SDB’s Co-Chairs Ilham Ahmad and Riyadh Derar, members of the political body in the 3 cantons(Afrîn, Kobanî and Cizîre) and the SDB’s representatives in Europe, Damascus and Homs making up 50 members have taken part in the meeting.

After evaluating the recent happenings on the Syrian arena and the ME, Hikmt Habib read a report of the board’s activities over the past 3 months.

In addition, the refugees’ situation in Ain Issa town and al-Tabqa was touched upon, a message was sent to the UN, and opening SDB representations abroad was discussed.

Then the meeting was closed to the press to discuss the organizational status quo of the board, and a statement was released by the end of the meeting and read by Riyadh Derar.

Democratic Syrian Board held its regular 2nd meeting in June 18th, 2017 to discuss the recent developments on the political and organizational arenas, the participants agreed on the following:

1- The participants appreciated the crucial role of Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Raqqa liberation battles and their commitment to saving civilians, their properties, dealing with captives and opening safe corridors to get them out to safe regions.

2- The political regional and international status quo was discussed, its effects on the conflict track and particularly the De-Escalation Zones, and exploiting it to expand the regime-controlled territories.

3- Turkish occupation of al-Shahba areas in the countryside of Aleppo amid shameful world silence, Turkification and demographic change policies followed, and the continuous attacks were discussed, the participants called the international community, particularly Russia and global coalition states, to put an end of the Turkish occupation and aggression on the Syrian land.

4- The necessity of constructing diplomatic relations with regional states influencing the Syrian crisis to support the political solution in Syria, backing SDF in their fight against terrorism were discussed.

5-Supporting the democratic project to end the Syrian stalemate and build a federal, democratic and secular Syria which all Syrians aspire to.

6- Participants assured that the federation is the sole solution to solve the Syrian crisis and prevent the country’s division, despotism and its symbols.

7- Working on expanding the board’s activity and opening bureaus in the liberated areas.

8- The participants renewed their vow on following the footsteps of freedom and dignity martyrs and build a democratic Syria.

9-A number of decisions were taken concerning the diplomatic, organizational and media work, and a work plan was set to adhere to in the coming period.

10- A number of political persona of different components joining SDB was agreed on.