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SDF about forming first Arab all-female brigade


AL-HASAKAH- The Syrian Democratic Forces’ General Command declared forming the first Arab all-female battalion in their ranks which will include fighters from different cities.

As more and more people are attending to the SDF ranks and particularly women, the SDF’s General Command is preparing in the coming few days to establish an Arab all-female battalion comprising hundreds of Arab fighters whose mission will be protecting the Syrian people in different regions.

In this context, the SDF Commander Rojda Shiyar explained in an interview with Hawar news agency that” the aim of forming this battalion is responding to the patriarchal community and slavery regime by defending her land, dignity and Syrian women.

The commander added that they aim by forming all-female battalion for Arab Women to prove the existence and identity of the Arab women, and to make them an example to Middle East women.

The commander Rojda Shiyar concluded saying” everybody should know that women in Rojava have reached a milestone in proving their effective role in the community, as they have become able to defend their people and land by all means, also we wish to spread this sample to all Syrian women”.