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SDF commander: We will resist tyranny; we won’t stop until we destroy ISIS

NEWS DESK – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commander Dijwar Serêkaniyê spoke to ANF on the current situation of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates campaign led by the Syrian Democratic Forces. Serêkaniyê said that their forces are advancing towards Raqqa and that they will soon give the good news that Raqqa has been liberated.

The SDF Commander stated that the second step in the third stage of the operation has been going on for the last month and added that great success has been achieved in this period and the road between Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa has been cut off. He said the SDF forces have reached the Euphrates river and have liberated a large area, moving on two axes: “Our fighters on one axis moved from Merxe Şerqi, Kerami and the other started from the Mekmen side. Our Makman front has liberated a 55 square kilometre area. There are dozens of villages and hamlets in this area. This area we have taken has strategic importance. The road between Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa passes through here. There is also Mefel Newa and the Jezera line 30 km from the Euphrates. Now the Jezera line is defined in three parts and these are important: Cezred Shams, Cezred Milan and Cezred Abu Hemi. We liberated all these villages, and Kasha. These are large and strategically important villages. We reached the village Kashibal in one day. Operations in this village continue. As I said, we have taken all the 30 kilometre area next to the Euphrates river and this area has been completely cleared of ISIS.”


SDF commander spoke on the people’s attitude towards them and said that dozens of Arab youth joined the SDF and they were met with great interest from the people. Serêkaniyê said the people’s attitude towards them is very positive and added: “From these liberated villages, many young Arabs have joined us, and they continue to come. As the people see us, as they get to know us their morale improves. They tell us, ‘What we were told about you and what we see are very different. They spoke very badly of you, but we have seen you and gotten to know you. We have seen that what they told us is wrong and they are lies.’ On the other hand, the people on the Deir ez-Zor side come to our side and cross over to the liberated areas. There are civilian organizations helping these people. They distribute food to the people. They are doing their best to alleviate the troubles the people are going through.”

The SDF commander stated that they have seized large amounts of ammunition from ISIS and added: “In this operation, we have seized a great deal of ISIS ammunition. We have seized many AK-47’s, B7’s, and BKC guns. We have seized DShKs. We have seized 4 bomb-laden cars. 5 cars were destroyed. They used so many missiles. But there wasn’t any negative effect which was caused on our forces. On the contrary, our forces continued to march onto the enemy with great morale and enthusiasm, and they are still continuing. We have acquired many ISIS bodies. 6 gang members were taken prisoner along with their weapons. We have discovered many tunnels, and all the tunnels have been destroyed. We have seized many landmines. In some places, they had set up minefields. We have destroyed most of them. Some of them have been neutralized. The operation continues as such.”


Dijwar Serêkaniyê stated that the SDF, YPG and YPJ will continue their operations and said that they completely cleared an area of 30 km between Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa, and they are advancing towards Raqqa now. Serêkaniyê said the city has been surrounded on the southwest and north sides, and added: “We are advancing towards Raqqa like this, and our operation will not stop until Raqqa is liberated. In the coming months, we will give our people the good news that Raqqa has been liberated. It will be under the lead of the democratic peoples, Democratic Syrian Forces and the YPG and YPJ.”

The SDF Commander concluded with a message for the coming Newroz holiday and stated that like Kawa, the Blacksmith of legend, the SDF will gift the people freedom. The SDF commander continued: “The Newroz holiday is also approaching. Newroz is the symbol of freedom for us. Like Kawa the Blacksmith rose up against tyranny imposed upon the Kurds for centuries, and declared victory with the Newroz bonfire to save the Kurdish people from tyranny, we as the descendants of Kawa the Blacksmith will resist tyranny imposed upon the peoples of the Middle East in the lands we have liberated, and we will fight ISIS for the Kurds and Arabs, and the peoples of the world. We will go wherever they are and we won’t stop until we destroy them.”