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SDF dealt IS strong strikes in al-Raqqa

AL-RAQQA- On Saturday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) dealt IS mercenaries strong strikes in al-Qadisiyah, al-Barid, al-Batany and Huteen neighborhoods, and 10 mercenaries were killed, a booby-trapped vehicle was destroyed and an IS drone was downed during the strikes.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign is continuing in its 10th day, and SDF fighters are engaged in fierce battles in 4 neighborhoods.

After SDF entered al-Qadisiyah neighborhood west of al-Raqqa on Saturday morning, the clashes intensified between the fighters and the mercenaries in this neighborhood on Saturday at about 14:00. The mercenaries also attempted to attack the fighters’ sites using booby-trapped vehicles on the one hand, and drones which were hung by bombs. Moreover, the fighters repelled the attack and destroyed the booby-trapped vehicle before reaching its aim, and they also downed a drone.

During the clashes that erupted in the area, 10 mercenaries were killed and 8 bodies of them were kept in the fighters’ hands.

The fighters also seized an amount of weapons and ammunition including a machine gun of 14,5, 15 Kalashnikovs, 24 stores, 8 pouches, M 16 rifle, 2 BKC weapons, one Jeep vehicle in addition to a motorbike.

In coincidence with the battles in al-Qadisiyah neighborhood, strong clashes erupted in al-Barid, al-Batani and Hunteen neighborhoods which are west of the city.