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SDF disclosed Turkish aggression outcome since 1st day

NEWS DESK- The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) disclosed the outcome of the combat operations since the beginning of the Turkish aggression against Afrin region in January 20, 2018 during a statement.

During the statement issued from the media center, the media outlets of SDF disclosed a number of the civilian martyrs and wounded who were left as victims of the Turkish occupation bombardment, the forces also announced the martyrdom of 98 fighters, and it said that they were bidden farewell with public ceremonies.

The center also announced a number of the killed of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, and a number of the sites that have been targeted by them, and it mentioned the losses that were inflicted to the Turkish occupation.

The text of the statement included:

“The Turkish occupation and the jihadist factions started attacking Afrin canton at 16:00 in January 20, 2018, and the bombardment has been continuing till February 12, 2018.

1- The civilian martyrs: The occupation targeted the places of gathering the civilians with its various weapons, whether the bombardment with heavy weapons or the aerial bombardment so that 180 civilians including women, children, and sheikhs were martyred, and they have been documented with names and official files in Afrin hospitals.

2- The civilian wounded: In the result of those attacks, 413 civilians among them children, and women got wounded, and the have been documented with names and official files in Afrin hospitals.

3- The martyrs of our military forces: During the heroic resistances and the direct clashes that erupted against the occupation and the jihadist factions, 98 fighters in the ranks of our forces martyred, and they were bidden farewell with public and official ceremonies.

4- The killed of the enemy: During the clashes and military operations that were carried out by our forces, it has been assured that 862 soldiers of the enemy and the terrorists of the jihadist factions were killed as our forces and fighters assured their killing in the battlefields.

5- The aerial attacks: The Turkish occupation carried out 668 aerial raids, and it bombarded haphazardly the populated places, and it targeted the infrastructure, pumps of drinking water, schools and the poultry farms.

6- The attacks of the helicopters: The Turkish forces carried out 16 attacks with helicopters, and they targeted the populated places and the infrastructure.

7- The bombardment with heavy weapons: The Turkish occupation and the jihadist factions carried out 2,645 haphazard attacks with various kinds of heavy weapons including cannons with various measures and tanks.

8- The direct clashes: Our forces clashed directly against the Turkish occupation and the jihadist factions 409 clashes whose results were informed, while there are 108 clashes whose results remained unknown.

9- Downing the aircrafs: Since the begging of the aggression, our forces have been able to down two helicopters one of them is Cobra and the other is Sikorski for carrying soldiers, and that result in killing 11 Turkish militants including officers and soldiers.

Our forces also downed two Turkish drones one of them is of TB2 kind which Erdogan signed on.

10- Destroying the armoured vehicles: 51 armoured vehicles including tanks, four-wheel drive vehicles were destroyed, while 15 machineries including tanks and armoured vehicles were damaged.

The media outlet of SDF

February 12, 2018.”