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SDF fighters liberate half of Tishrin town

RAQQA – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters liberated the hamlet of Hûkûmek from the ISIS gangs after intense conflicts, and rescued most of the town of Tishrin. Dozens of gangs were killed in the conflicts which took place.

The SDF fighters heading towards the town of Tishrin from the front of Cib Şeher liberated a large part of the town from the gangs shortly after. In the rest of the town, conflicts continue. Three suicide bombers were killed in the conflict in this part of the town.

It was stated that a large number of gangs were killed by fighters in the town and that a majority of gang bodies were seized by fighters, while there is no clear information on the number of bodies.

On the other hand, there are violent conflicts around the hamlet of Hûkûmek.

Mine-clearing works are also being carried out by special teams under the SDF in the wheat silo in the eastern Kubiş village which was rescued by SDF fighters.