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SDF liberated dozens of civilians, 16 mercenaries killed


AL-RAQQA- The special groups for liberating the civilians liberated dozens of civilians in Nazlah Shuhada neighborhood, and 16 mercenaries were killed during the clashes erupted in al-Raqqa neighborhoods. Al-Raqqa liberation campaign continue at its 63 day.

On Sunday evening, Nazlah Shuhada neighborhood witnessed clashes which resulted in killing 7 mercenaries.

In the same neighborhood, the civilians who attempted to reach the liberated areas by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fell into mines ambush of IS. In order to liberate and rescue the civilians, the special groups for liberating the civilians in the ranks of SDF interfered and liberated dozens of civilians. Moreover, during liberating the civilians, some fighters got wounded while the civilians reached peacefully to safe areas.

Further, In Old Al-Raqqa neighborhood, clashes broke out between SDF and IS mercenaries, and the clashes resulted in killing 5 elements in the ranks of IS mercenaries.

Moreover, clashes broke out in al-Barid neighborhood northwest of al-Raqqa and al-Nahda west of al-Raqqa. The clashes resulted in killing 4 IS mercenaries.